Everyone’s probably gonna freak out when I go MIA for a while…

Im telling you…all I wanted was to be a we. I want to enjoy records and vinyl stores with you again. I want you to hold my hand again.I want to walk around cities with you some more. I want to enjoy a sunset with you again. I want to feel special again. I want to get excited when I get a text from you again. I want to cuddle again. I want to laugh with you again at your stupid ass jokes. And I want to just be able to come over whenever I want…again. And I want you to tell me that you’re so happy to have me…and mean it this time. 

But that’s okay I guess. I’ll find someone eventually and you have… her. Im sure she’s super duper great too. 

Just kidding. It’s destined to fail and you know you made the wrong choice.